Michael Reich lives in East Hollywood in California. He has directed music videos for My Chemical Romance, The Shins, Bad Religion and Ryan Adams. Michael currently makes his living as a Technical Director for Broadcasts on a variety of events ranging from SpaceX rocket launches to Kanye West concerts. But before that he was a dog groomer. A decade ago (while he was still working with dogs) he started documenting the Los Angeles underground punk scene with an experimental video based website called Videothing.com. He went on to tour the world with various bands making videothings for them and was voted one of the world’s “10 Coolest Websites” by MTV South Africa in 2008.

Michael's first feature film, She's Allergic To Cats, is an autobiographical account of his life as a dog groomer with artistic ambitions. This movie was funded solely with savings accumulated from working as a body double for one of the Daft Punk robots (he's the gold one). He has been a robot since 2005 when he starred in their feature film Electroma which premiered at Cannes. Michael has been in blockbuster movies, hit music videos and graced magazine covers as Daft Punk.  But he is always wearing a helmet and pretending to be a robot so that's probably why you don't recognize him.   

Check out his other work HERE.